2011-03-29 Arbolí, Can Simiro   Leave a comment

It’s been a couple of years since I strutted my stuff at Can Simiro, so high time for a revisit.  I’ve been pining for another dance on Esperó and Allegro Ma Non Troppo, two great routes that I managed to flash after working for a while – let’s see if I remember the moves…

Xell opened Kiffelarden 4+ then followed it with En Braulies, 5

Kiffelarden, 4+

Maurici onsighted the 5 and then the 5+ Possa ‘t La Samarra.  I do the 5 & 5+.

Possa 't La Samarra, 5+

Well, warmed up we have a look at Esperó.  Because I already have it, I suggested Maurici should lead it – I remember the great feeling I had when I first discovered it.  No doubt about it this is a tough route, Maurici rests half way up.  There’s also a tough little move at the top of an overhanging section on the main wall that would be a pain in both our sides…

Esperó, 6b+Esperó, 6b+Esperó, 6b+Esperó, 6b+Esperó, 6b+

We round off the day with the 6c Allegro Ma Non Troppo.  I salvage a redpoint on this after falling on Esperó.  Grrr!

Allegro Ma Non Troppo, 6cAllegro Ma Non Troppo, 6c

What a good day…

Sunset Over Montsant

5, 5+, 6+b, 6c Picasa.

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