2011-04-02 Siurana, L’Herbolari   1 comment

Well, after a chance encounter with some countrymen in Cornudella, Justin, Mike and Graham meet me in L’Herbolari.  Since I was there with Marc and Agusti, there are some new routes up.  I onsight a 6a+, Maria Lluisa.  Then the nice 6a at the start of the wall Farigola.  Warmed up, Graham jumps into the 7a.  It looks nice, it’s on my to-do list.  Meanwhile, I have a look at Aqui Hi Ha Marro, 6c.  I miss a pocket hidden from view up on the bulge crux to enable you to clip.  Only after I fall can I see the damn thing.  So close, and yet…

After the crux traverse move up over the bulgy roof, there are no shortage of pockets, but the lower section is thin.  I’ll have to red-point this another day.  The 6b+ next to it looks nice too.

The lads are flying out from Barcelona at 10, so they’ve got the time to consider.  Graham and Justin redo the 7a, but I don’t have time to get on there.  Meanwhile, I onsight another 6a+ DJ. Pallus before they head out and I’m left without a rope partner.  Though having spoken to the other climbers there, they offer to belay me.  After waiting around for a while, I onsight one nice new 6a+, project (as yet unnamed) to the right of Maria Lluisa, just to keep the blood flowing.  I’ve got my eyes on the 6b, but the girls on it are taking their sweet time.  I’ll leave this for another day too.

6a, 6a+, 6c, 6a+, 6a+ Picasa


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