2011-04-09 La Mussara, Aritjol & Isabel   Leave a comment

Time to look for shade.  It’s simply too hot to climb in direct sunlight now, and it’s only April.  ‘New’ sector Aritjol in La Mussara is in shade up to around 2pm.  We warm up on a couple of 5s, SMA & El Último Forestalillo.  Moving down the sector, we onsight a 6a+ Fissuranak that feels harder than its grade – maybe another route misgraded.  In La Mussara? – No, maybe not.  We try the route next to it, but without topos this is from Miquel’s memory.

The ‘6b’ turns out to be a 7a+, so now I don’t feel bad about abandoning it at the 4th clip.  There’s a blank slab that overhangs slightly and the move sequence is crazy – low inverted right hand, clip, reach up at full stretch to a really crappy shallow mini-crimp.  Fortunately the 6b+ next to it Ase Amb L’espirit De Gall is an onsightable route to enable cleaning.  This was a good route – fantastic adhesion with some great move sequences.

With a steady influx of people, we try an equipped 6c Les Aparences Enganyen.  This too was difficult.  With the sun rapidly approaching, time to find another sector.  We decided on Lo Soterrani, but when we see the 10+ cars there we divert to Isabel.

Lo Soterrani & Isabel

Afternoon shade, but the rock was hot from morning sun and there’s never any movement of air.  I onsight Flor Del Desitg the great & long 6a right of the Via Ferrata approach.  It has two cruxes but the roof is OK if you push up with feet.  Next the 6b+ Club Dels Dimitits.  I tackle the roof with hands reversed and miss an onsight.  Redpoint it next time.  Finish off the day with Estupids Questions, 6a.

5, 5+, 6a+, 7a+, 6b+, 6c, 6a, 6b+, 6a  Picasa


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