2011-04-26 Siurana, El Ditot & L’Aparador   Leave a comment

After six solid days of rain, I was starting to think I was back in England.  After my foiled attempt 5 days ago at climbing with Maurici & Xell in Montsiá (Cingle de Cacá) I was gagging to clip some bolts.  I left the flat at 10 – cloudy, cold a little fog.  By the time we got to El Ditot, the sun was beating down and we could only do three routes, it being too hot to climb in direct sunlight.  We warm up on Els Fenicis, 6a and Delirium, 6a.  No problems, I already have them ticked so Alvaro opens.  Next we, and I’m sorry for the Futuramaism, kick it up a notch… with the interesting Pitxuti 4, 6b. This was a great onsight – the line takes a zig-zag route but there were some cool moves on it.  The unanimous opinion was “interesante”.  Alfredo and Claudio were working a 6c & 7a but with the unrelenting sun we decided to try them another day and move sector.

We decided on L’Aparador.  I’ve only been there once and then didn’t do much.  It has shade up to 4ish.  The other two being proper climbers open a 7c+ and then a 7b+, finishing with a 7b.  Alvaro and myself start with a 6b Sorry Not Clean.  Excellent.  Superb adhesion, even though it was a little polished in places, and there was an awkward almost chimney-type position, but splendid fun.  Hold holds got a bit thin and slopey but get the feet up and you’re past it.

Next up after a quick lunch was the excellent 6c Gatzara.  Alvaro started up it making good progress until Alfredo said “Dude, you’re opening the 7b.” “Wha!?!”.  The two routes share the first 2 bolts.  After a quick traverse, he’s back on track.  It’s a very nice route, though both he & I probably went too far left to get over the first crux.  Alvaro heel-hooked, I didn’t, Claudio did.  A really nice route, and I’m not sure I could have onsighted it if I were placing the draws as well.

As a round-off to a nice day, we try the 7b next to Gatzara, Resaca.  Top-roped, of course.  Some drastically thin moves on this, I don’t know how long it will take me to get this sort of level, but as they say: Al loro!

6a  6a  6b  6b  6c  7b  Photos


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