2011-04-29 Arbolí, Ca L’Auep   Leave a comment

Tired after the punishment yesterday, I meet Alvaro though the sky is grey, and the threat of rain lingers.  Because of the cloud giving us the opportunity to climb a normally sunny crag, we opt for Ca L’Auep.  Arbolí is a strange beast with its weather, there usually seems to be cloud or mist or something on the top of the Coll de Alforja, and today’s was a little heavier than usual.  Descending to the crag, everything seemed to be getting progressively wetter and by the time I took my rucksack off, my trouser legs were wet.  Hmmm, lovely.

Well, the crag is exposed – it always gets a lot of air, so with he cold and the dampness, we weren’t very motivated.  I open the easiest route La Sabineta, 6a AND make a mess of the crux.  Alvaro nicely flashes it though.  The rock here has a strange lichen type covering as well – it always leaves your rock shoes white.  Unmotivated, cold & tired, we decide to go home.  Got to rest for Ripabloc.


Posted 2011/04/29 by allend66 in Arboli, Ca L'Auep, Rockclimbing

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