2011-05-28 Siurana, Grau Dels Masets   1 comment

It’s been a long time, but I’m climbing with Marc and Cel today.  Marc still has a shoulder injury and with the munchkin to look after we head up to Cornudella to drop off a couple of posters at Goma II.  Oddly, Siurana is empty considering it’s Saturday, and with it being cloudy we go to an easy sector that usually has sun:  Grau Dels Masets.  The Camí is first where we start our physiotherapy on Fam Fácil, 5+.  Someone had abandoned a screwgate on this.  El Trinxant 5+ next with some nice moves and good rock.  Baronia De Cabacés, 6a threw me off the rock at the midway crux and I landed ok – not too traumatic.  I rested and then finished the route, with ankle feeling grumpy.  Then a 6a+ El Show Dels “Teleñecos”.  Reachy but ok.

We rest for lunch and then relocate to Esquerra.  I only do the 5+ Sùper Fisura, while Marc does the nice 6b next to it, Sùper Espero.  I’ll do this another time, right now my ankle feels like it’s been raped.  Time to go home.

5+  5+  6a  6a+  5+


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  1. Good day,but not good night for You .Manches1 Barça3.Sorry but anywere have a comment.hi hi hi!

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