2011-05-29 La Mussara, Primitiu   2 comments

Just time for a couple of routes today – I don’t want to but the physiotherapy must be done.  I’ve still got some routes unticked at Primitiu and because it’s reasonably close to the car park that’s where we go.  Meli and Albert, the Vilaplana stalwarts are here still trying to corrupt Laia.

We warm up on the shitty 5 right of Alabama’sEsperó De L’Alba… definitely won’t be repeating this.  I even had to second it to clean the brute.  Yeuch!  Then a strange 6b to the right of Laia K2 .  Strange part nearly half way up where you have to very left and the return.   Back home looking forward to my next climb day, which I hope isn’t next weekend.  I want to climb today or tomorrow!!!!!

5  6b


Posted 2011/05/29 by allend66 in La Mussara, Primitiu

2 responses to “2011-05-29 La Mussara, Primitiu

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  1. Que hard ja estas en el ranking de 8a ¡¡¡¡
    Ahora toca subir el level

  2. en MI ranking soy número 1!

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