2011-06-05 Arbolí, La Carbonera / Can Mansa   Leave a comment

More grey cloud over La Mussara.  I wasn’t expecting much for today, but Eoin pulled through and we met up at Can Mansa.  Veronica came up too to make a four with Eoin’s mate Ricardo, they having similar levels.  Marfullenga, 5+ is a nice easy start with Kuriosillo as a nice second course.  Then I have to collect Vero so I pack up and we recamp to La Carbonera.  she hasn’t been doing her homework so we have to remember how to climb on a couple of 4’s Crimalves & Porc Position.  I flex my ankle on the nice 6a+ Ca L’escalet and leave it open for Eoin.  They’ve opened the 5+ El Kinto Kinto which we do afterwards.  The two boys head out and that leaves Vero and myself to mop up a few more routes.

Back over to Can Mansa right hand side for the ever popular 5+ E. H. Sukarra.  Vero tries it topped but can’t stick the bulge on the lower section.  No problem, to strip the route I try and onsight the 6b next to it, Cuéncame Un Cuenco.  This is the most difficult I’ve tried since my injury and was tough but fairly straightforward. though I got tangled with the rope at one point!  Not long before I’m back on some 7s…

5+  6a  4+  4  6a+  5+  5+  6b


Posted 2011/06/05 by allend66 in Arboli, Can Mansa, La Carbonera

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