2011-06-15 Arbolí, El Dard   Leave a comment

Good to see and climb with Miquel again, last time we were ticking 6c in Aritjol then Isabel.  Today we start in shade in Ca L’Auep, but try as I might to give this sector a chance it always seems to disappoint.  A wrong looking topo didn’t help either, but Miquel started on a 6c+ and I did Bona No, Bonissima!! 6a+.  Bonissima it is not.  The only good thing about this waste of time was the shade we climbed in.  Now one hour later, we head over to El Dard.

First route is the crack/arête layback testpiece No Ens Atossiguis!, 6a+.  No problems here, clean ascents.  I leave the belay equipped for the 6b Kagamánecs to the right.  I fall once (though I have this redpointed with Javi Granell) and fail a second time – I’m poisoned with bad mojo from work and it’s affecting my climbing.  3rd try gets it.

Miquel opens Abadie D’Arbolie, 6b+ on the left of the layback, I rest once, but a clean redpoint though for Aleluyah, 6b.  Time to go home…


6a+   6a+   6b   6b+   6b


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