2011-06-20 Siurana, Can Parásit   Leave a comment

Alvaro Siscu (the physio) and Edu (the giant) are at Can Parásit, and when I arrive they’ve done one 6a and are now on the legendary 6c.  Warm up on the corner 6a, Cos Que Cao of Can Marges Adalt.  Then we clean El Tiempo Se Ha Reido De Los Que No Han Venido, 6c.  6c as a second route is still a little strong for me I fall at the crux, then get it on the second try.  Interestingly I go left not the right I had established last time.  I think left is the better way (but further left than I tried before).  I recommend a marvellous 6c+ to the boys and they go check it out.  Meanwhile, they’ve left El Pupes, 7a open for us.

I quickly flash Ateva, 6a+ to flush my forearms out of blood.  Álvaro gets on the El Pupes which he calls ‘biditlandia!’ – There’s a sequence of crappy monofinger and twofinger pockets to get past the first crux.  The second crux up top stumps him and after several tries he abandons it.  I tape up my fingers and try but leave it half undone – big Edu can clean it.

Ma Mola Molt, 6c+ is open and I have first crack.  The boys loved it – it is a beauty.  I still need to get pila to be able to flash this, it’s long with some long moves on it.  3 rests – first roof bulge, the horizontal crack with weeds and the giant water smoothed hole up top.  Alvaro top ropes it and we call it a day.

6a   6c   6a+   7a   6c+

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