2011-06-21 La Mussara, Covallonga   Leave a comment

I meet Vero (BOCS gold medallist) in Vilaplana and we drive up to the parking at the antenna crags.  I thought I’d introduce her to a little multipitch – the super Facillonga, 4+/5 next to Espantocells.  Unfortunately it’s occupied, so we nip over to the three short easy routes Kora, 4+, Tropic, 5, Titanic, 5+.

By the time we do these, Facillonga is just being vacated and we fight our way through the pack of dogs.  First pitch (4+) is for Vero to onsight.  She gets to the belay after freeing the other climbers’ rope that was snagged in the tree and begins to pull through.  I climb and once at the belay, explain the next section to her then flash it.  The view from the top is superb (views of Reus and beyond seen over Aritjol and the approach track), and worth taking a rucksack with some water and a camera.  Vero rests twice but tops out nicely and we take photos.

Not having time for abseil master class, I lower her down to the new anchor, 35 meters below (past the original belay) – this is probably to avoid what happened to the other climbers who rapped down from the higher anchor – a snagged rope.

Another ab down and we high five feeling good.  Good job!

Facillonga, 4+,5

4+   5   5+   4+   5


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