2011-06-25 La Riba, Tres Pilons & Penya Roja   Leave a comment

I join Rockteam™ and we head for La Riba.  Early morning is sunny in Penya Roja , so we kill some time at Tres Pilons.  Warm up on a 6c Llastrofobia.  Nice and juggy and a bit of a classic I’m told.  While the rope is there, I try toproping the 7b Silencio Se Vuela that shares the anchor up top.  I get to two thirds up where the crux is.  Marc too.

After faffing around, we try Macarena, 6b+ which I have to work before redpointing.  Nice but painful on the fingers.  Time to move… the sun is encroaching on our bit of shade.  We end up going to Penya Roja, now in shade, but only for one quick route: Eclípsi, 6a+.  Right next to the classic 3-star pumpy La Via De Brian, 6b+Eclípsi was polished and a difficult 6a+, on a par with the 6c!  The summer heat kills our energy.

Rockteam In Shade

6c   7b   6b+   6a+


Posted 2011/06/25 by allend66 in La Riba, Penya Roja, Rockclimbing, Tres Pilons

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