2011-06-29 Mont Ral, Terra Negra   Leave a comment

Vero & Lluis (also from BOCS) arrive at 4pm and we descend to the easy routes of Terra Negra.  Vero opens Cocoricó, 4.  Then Tirabol, 5 which I do – no problems here. 

Tirabol, 5

Vero tries to open the next route Tula, Abdula, Gandula, 5 but it has a tricky bulge to get over after the first clip.  She bails and I open it which she then topropes, and Lluis cleans.  Next Comissari Negret, 5.  Moving down the wall, we miss out the two easy 4s and tick Trossos Grossos, 5+, Vero flexing her muscles now.  Next route I open a hard 6a, Recoponostiofono, Vero bails but Lluis cleans.  I suggest he cleans and at the same time mounts the adjacent 5, Llamp De Llamp that shares the anchor, for Vero to open.  It’s 4+ in Coronn and Rockfax, but it’s quite polished and slippery.

Next to it is another hard 6a, Yes Fatu O Faiste with microcrimps.  I back climb the crux to reassess, but go right again and flash.  Lluis climbs the crux left.  It’s 8:30pm and there’s still a good hour of climbing left but they have to work and study so we pack up.  There’s still plenty of routes here to be done or redone.  The twice recommended Rana, 7a is on my hitlist, as is a repeat of the mighty Ella Es Así, 6c.  So many routes… so little time.

5   5   5   5+   6a   5   6a


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