2011-07-01 Cavallers, Drinking & Xalmet & El Soterrani   1 comment

Granite!  Lovely Granite!  How long since I’ve felt your gritty caress.  I lost my rock-climbing virginity on granite, so it has a special place in my heart.

I bought the new guide “Cavallers, Travessani, Aiguestortes” by Lluis Alfonso – 26€.  I’ll have to make sure I get my money’s worth out of it.  Up from the campsite (Camping Bonet) to the dam where Cavallers is located.  We start at a morning-shady sector Drinking for 30 meters of Trident Con Azúcar, 5+.  Wow – the adhesion is like glue!  Beautiful route that shares an anchor with a 6b+, but we decide on a 6b Pedro Y Sus Trastos instead.  Not bad.  Now time to tweak – Marc has eyed a 35 meter 6b+ that looks awesome.  Treking Pirineus has some fantastic moves, with the crux at the end.  Excellent.  The sun arrives over the top of the crag and we break for lunch.  Good to see Oscar and the Factor2 boys ticking some routes here too!

After lunch, we try El Soterrani just to clip a few more bolts.  Short routes here, Marc opens Nanses Ganses, 6b+ but both of us take the 5+ variant past the crux move.  Marc reworks it but I couldn’t be bothered.  Tired.  So tired…  After this I open the fine and thin Kakamerke, 6c.  Thin and slopey up top, I let Marc open and clean it after I abandon it before the last clip.

5+   6b   6b+   (6b+)   5+   (6c)   Photos


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  1. Hi Derek!
    Nosotros escalamos poco… Para la próxima espero probar alguna de las vías que nos recomendásteis. Salut!

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