2011-07-04 Mont Ral, Terra Negra & L’Arrepenjada   Leave a comment

My star pupil Veronica, the prodigy that won Gold at BOCS 2011, today is debuting new rockshoes.  Since taking her under my wing, she’s been gaining level despite struggling with some shitty Quechua Richard the III’s that, as I quipped one time, slip on the horizontal.  Well, now we should see some exponential improvement.

El Tio Lila, 4+

Tenayas with Vibram XSGrip, here seen running up El Tio Lila, 4+ that was quickly sent.  I clean and she opens L’Il·luminat, 4+ followed by a slight hiccup on Trossos Grossos, 5+ which she had already done the week previous.  Now further down the wall just past where we stopped with Lluis, Vero tries the dodgy start to …I Fumats, 5+ but the first clip has been removed making the new 1st clip really high.  Discretion being the better part and all, she lets me open Peus Negres, 6a that shares the anchor, and I do a clean-&-mount clipping the first clip for her on the way down.  The crux wins this time, and I clean it for her to toprope.

Now we descend to L’Arrepenjada to redpoint the mighty Ella Es Así, 6c 28-meter beauty.  There’s handholds but it’s overhanging and very ‘gorilla’ as they say here.  Nice.  Then back up the thin gully to Terra Negra and Canal Pus, 6a+ has so polished a start that I don’t even bother, flashing Not, 5+ – the hardest 5+ in months, instead.  Vero is done for the day, so we chill and leave the other routes for another day.

4+   4+   5+   6a   5+   6c   5+

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