2011-07-10 Siurana, Ca La Isabel & L’Herbolari   Leave a comment

Early morning… we breakfast like champions at the camping and get to Ca La Isabel before the sun reaches.  I open Faraday, 5+ for Lola and she steams up it like a trooper.  Meanwhile, Miquel opens El Dit Del Gigant, (The Giant’s Finger) 6b aptly named for the mono-finger to get through the thin slab lower down.  A brutal overhanging roof to get past too, this is a difficult 6b flash.  Miquel then onsights a wonderful line, Diedre, 6c+ although fannying about a bit nearly missing one clip up top.  It’s that rock down bottom (cream/orange quality stuff, grey beige limestone up top).  Excellent line, and an excellent flash.

Diedre, 6c+

We break for lunch and a rest from the ever increasing heat.  After a pause (and time waiting for shade to smother L’Herbolari), we’re full of beans to get to the herb garden – There’s more routes for me to tick there.  After Jacob onsights the first route in a long line of crackers, Lola cleans it.  Neither have been here before and both will be coming back.  It’s my turn, and I choose the 6b+ Vía Del Paquín.  Wow, what nice climbing: up to the roof is very fine and crimpy, the big roof, then getting steadily easier up to a final slab roof to get over.  A nice onsight for me, flash for J.  Miquel has arrived, so we have a little more time to climb.  I open the unnamed _Project, 6a+ at the end of the first grey wall for Lola, thus leaving J first dibs on Aquí Hi Ha Marro, 6c.  Here we see him just falling a the crux. (Que cabrón!) Open-mouthed smile


Miquel redpoints it as do I. Nice.  To Cornudella for a couple of cold ones, then dinner at a restaurant to round off a great weekend.

5+   6b   6c+  6b+   6a   6c  


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