2011-07-11 Arbolí, La Carbonera   Leave a comment

Taking full advantage of my summer timetable, I shoot over to Arbolí’s Carbonera for 4pm where Lola + Vero are ticking routes.  Jacob will be along later, so I warm up on a 6a+, the name of which will be left at _Project for now because I don’t have updated topos.  Situated between the 17-meter long 4, and the little tunnel, it’s overhangy and juggy though not obvious.  I leave it open for the lady-bous to try, and Lola fights her way up it tremendously.  Vero nails it too, and just as she strips it to leave, Jacob arrives to try it.  Nice onsight, though now with our level increasing, every 6a+ should be an onsight.

_Project 6a+

The girls leave an we set to work with 6b+ Intxusmís.  J has this worked and leaves me it to onsight.  It’s thin up top on the slab, but not too bad.  J redpoints it.  Next to try is the new route marked as 6b+/6c named Bussejant A La Antartida.  I have first crack, and it’s nice – very nice.  The bottom placque is thin, but with razor sharp footing.  Thin crimps make balance important as you slither up the wall up to the roof.  The style changes here for a juggy forcefull pull up the wall – the roof being nice to pinch up over.  I’d call it more 6b+ than 6c though.  Onsight 3 and another flash for J.  Tomorrow more!

6a+   6b+   6b+


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