2011-07-23 El Vendrell, 2nd Bouldering Competition   Leave a comment

2nd Block Comp, El VendrellAfter taking one week off from climbing, I zip up to El Vendrell for the 2nd annual bouldering competition.

The usual faces are here, Antonio, Edu, the muscly dude with a ponytail… all climbing better than me!  15€ gets you through the door and dressed in a snazzy orange T.  I meet Lluis and Marcel there and they start flashing routes like they’re missing an important date.  I manage 2 top outs from the 17 or so routes.  Should have been 3 but the last top out on the overhang was a not-as-high-jug-as-you-think-hole type hold, I overshot the 2nd dyno and couldn’t stick it.

Got to try and climb every day now.  The previous week I climbed every day after work and last week after finishing work I just went home.  I was more tired not climbing than climbing.

Looking forward too to La Bisbal’s 7th Psicobloc competition coming up in 3 weeks…  Last year was a blast.

Enjoy this video, courtesy of Don Cristobal, Blokfreei

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