2011-07-25 La Riba, Penya Roja   Leave a comment

A few odd drops of rain fell while we were at Pedestal, the first sector at Penya Roja just after ticking the first route of the day, Circulo Vicioso, 6a.  Imagine… rain added to the super polish of La Vía De Bryan, 6b+ and Álvaro in his supershite Quechuas too!  Good thing it was literally a few odd drops, it’s already like a skating rink…

Claudio romps up the 7a, Más Dificil Todavía making it look easy.  I couldn’t even redpoint Bryan, after the punishment of the 7a on Sunday, the bouldering compe on Saturday, and one week’s rest (never again!).  Did I mention that my forearms are killing me?

We move up to La Directa where I refresh my memory on Directissima, 6a+ 32 meters of slightly polished quality jug pulling.  The Argentine combines the first 2 pitches of Directa Reus, 6b+, 6b+ but we decline and he strips it.  I have the first pitch worked from a couple of years ago, but my forearms are in no fit state right now.  I’m tired but it’s nice climbing.

6a   6b+   6a+


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