2011-07-27 Siurana, Aprop De Can Aprop   Leave a comment

Clouds, cool!  The unfortunate thing with Siurana is there’s very few places that are shady in the morning.  Anyway with cloud, we stop at Aprop De Can Aprop, right next to the roadside, and a new crag for me.  Not bad for a first visit: 4 flashes and 1 onsight… just a shame we didn’t have more time.

Warm up: Un Día De Pluja, 6a a nice start.  Next the thin and balancey 6b, AC/DC good name, good route.  Marc came off at the midpoint crux, and it was a little hard for the grade.  An odd route but it makes for interesting climbing.  Then onto Un Día De Neu, 6a+.  Everything looked to be back on track, so I took my eyes off the wall and started examining our new Cinch.  Next thing I know, I hear a girl’s scream of fright.  I look up and reflexsively take the strain of the slack to see Marc fighting with a bat, roosting in an undercut handhold halfway up.

Dr. Doolittle then opens the other 6b, Manolo Escobar, that too is high in the grade and very thin and balancey.  I talk him into another quicky before we stop at Goma II in Cornu, an overhang juggy start gives pleasant climbing on the cool-down climb Un Día De Vent, 5+.  A good, but short day.

6a   6b   6a+   6b   5+


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