2011-07-31 Siurana, El Cargol, El Pati & L’Herbolari   Leave a comment

Objective: El Pati, Viagraman, 7a

Early morning shade in El Pati was vanishing when we arrived at El Cargol next door to warm up on Fisura Del Cargol, 5+ then Purgandus Populus, 6a.  Then over to Viagraman, 7a.  The guidebook says it’s a soft touch 7a, and it’s been recommended to me, so with high hopes I thought I could kill two birds with one sending, 1st 7a onsight & encadenado.  Yeah, right.

That dream vanished after the 3rd clip (of 11).  First of all, it’s 30 meters long, which means pumpy,  though there are some great moves on it.  Second, there’s few places to recover strength as your pulling up over bulges, super long reaches and crap handholds.  It’s a nice route though, and this together with the next line Ay Mamita 7a will be welcome additions to my ticklist.

Back up to the Herb Garden to tick another pending route – the super duper Azukiki, 6a.  My only complaint – it’s not long enough.  Only one route left to try here now, and it’s a 7a+, so with two 7a worked and redpoints pending, this will have to wait.  Other routes ticked are the very nice Aquí Hi Ha Marro, 6c and Materia Fosca, 6a and Farigola, 6a.  Home super tired, I’ll be glad to go to work tomorrow for a rest.

5+   6a   7a   6a   6c   6a   6a


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