2011-08-07 Siurana, Can Marges Abaix   Leave a comment

Eoin & Ric pick me up for a nice relaxed late start and we trundle off to Siurana.  Yesterday after climbing with Rockteam, we more or less went straight to the 7th wine fayre and 4th international olive eating contest at the polisportiu, and today I’m feeling a little fragile.  (Note to self: don’t go to a wine taster on an empty stomach, and when you’re dehydrated from climbing.)

Ric’s still struggling with 6a/+ so we go to Can Marges Lower, an hour before shade hits.  Ay Candemor, 5 to warm up on, followed by Monolit Groc, 5+ and Can Fanga, 5+.  On the way down I clip the 1st bolt of the next route, Trimegesto, 6a weighing in at 20 meters and 4 bolts.

After a bite to eat, Eoin’s looking at Pixapins, 6a+ and I urge him to do it – it’s really nice.  Ric tries it topped, I enjoy repeating it, then Eoin redpoints it.  Everyone’s tired and we decide to fold for the day, but on the way up I decide to try the awesome El Tiempo Se Ha Reido De Los Que No Han Venido, 6c (Can Parásit) another try.  The crux sequence had always beaten me, but I finally nail it and can now cross it off my pending list.  Superb climb.  After redpointing, I invite the boys to a cold one at the refuge and we enjoy the sunset over Montsant.

5   5+   5+   6a   6a+   6c


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