2011-08-09 Pratdip, Paret Dels Rappels   Leave a comment

At the arranged time of 4:30pm, the shade was just on the rock and creeping over the road.  Not a superb venue by any stretch, but the rock’s got good adhesion, in shade, and deserted.  Ivan informs there’s some new routes up since the last time, so we warm up on them, a 5+ and a 6a+.

Nameless Route, 5+

Oriol belays Ivan on excellent broken rock formation – the climbing is interesting with maximum grip.  Only a 5+, but there’s a thin pass half way, the rest is a romp.

The 6a+ to the left, is very nice with a roof problem below the anchor.  Careful repositioning of your body to take the handhold on the correct side will see you up past it.

After these two great routes, we look at two routes that share anchors, 6a+ & 6c.  We all do the 6a+ without problems but the 6c is a block start – the kind of power route that causes injuries, so after a couple of attempts I bail on it and repeat the 6a+ to clean.  Darkness descending now we rap up for today.

5+   6a+   6a+   (6c)   6a+   Photos

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