2011-08-14 La Bisbal Del Penedés, 7th Open Psicobloc   Leave a comment

Well, after a slack couple of days not climbing, I was balls to the wall for a bit of psicobloc – last year was a lot of fun.  Good job I went to the rocodrome yesterday.  After watching the feminine category, we amateurs were up.  90 minutes to nail the 4 sides.  The roof problem being more difficult this year, I couldn’t even get the bonus, but got bonus + on the other three.  I nearly topped out on one side too, but, err, the hold was wet!  Excellent fun.

After amateur, the masters, and some nice displays of talent.  After a break for lunch (and a siesta), finals for feminine (check out the video of Nuria flashing the roof – shame it was taken on my mobile phone), amateur & master.  A great ambience and with the presentation of the trophies, the give away of prizes, and a great selection of booty.  I snagged myself a new pair of Evolv rockshoes, unfortunately half a size too small, let’s see if I can trade them in …

My photos here, and this video courtesy of Antonio, and this one courtesy of Cristobal.


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