2011-08-16 Pratdip, Paret Dels Rapels   Leave a comment

Hanging with Vero today, this is a new place for her, and close to where she lives.  We arrive with half an hour of direct sunlight, but we start on the 6a crack corner that has shade on it already.  All the routes here are nameless as far as I know.  After Vero redpoints it on toprope, we move onto the two new 6a at the end of the wall, which are too short.  Vero, now tired, opts to open a nice easy 5+ at the start of the wall.  I have a look at the very new 6c+ that Ivan told me Alexis had opened.  I had to work it twice, that is to say work the first crux once then the crux move directly above it once, but once the moves were down I repeated the whole sequence without stopping – a nice route.

We finish the day with the 6b crack (left hand side of the above photo) and Vero tops it out too.  There’s time for another route, but we’re tired.

6a   6a+   6a+   6c+   6b

Posted 2011/08/17 by allend66 in Pratdip, Rockclimbing

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