2011-08-18 La Mussara   Leave a comment

Primitiu today as it’s close, we’re tired and the nights are drawing in.  I start with Alvaro, and Rocteam joins us later.  We warm up on Laia, 6a and get in on the first line on the wall which I have never tried, Kalium, 6a.  There’s a conflict in the naming and grading between the refuge guide and the Rockfax Daurada guide, either way they’re high in the grade: the 6a+ Polux has a bare slab at the end with not even one knuckle monofingers to get through.  Whoever said “Mussara no regala nada” was right.  A welcome onsight and redpoint.  We finish the day with Climber Up, 6a+ which I saw Alvaro try with his sister a while ago, but it’s always been on my to do list.  Today was the day and a block start gives way to easier climbing up top and I onsight/flash this one too.

6a   6a   6a+   6a+


Posted 2011/08/18 by allend66 in La Mussara, Primitiu

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