2011-09-17 Siurana, Can Maquis   Leave a comment

We thought we were in luck driving up to Mecca, it was cloudy and cooler.  No such luck when we arrived.  Sun heat and more sun.  Can Maquis née Sumera – a new sector for Álvaro so we tuck into some nice but dirty routes at the left hand end of the wall.  I didn’t climb midweek what with waiting in for packages, configuring smartphones & laptops, and having no one to climb with (Billy-No-Mates) so I wasn’t climbing at the top of my game – in fact I couldn’t redpoint a previously flashed 6b block… shame on me.

We did the following routes (as numbered in the guide in Cornu): #32, 6a  #31,6b  #34, 6b+  #30, 6b  #20,6b  #21,6b  #29, 6a+.  #34 is a beauty, and #21 is worth repeating.  #29 has been downgraded from 6b.  Not sure it should have been altered.

Here’s Álvaro on route 30 (6b):

#30, 6b

6a   6b   6b+   6b   6b   6b   6a+


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