2011-09-22 La Mussara, Covallonga + Espantocells   Leave a comment

Covallonga, 4+, 5 then over to Espantocells, 6a to try it now rebolted from the rockfall.  Up to the first chain yes, I’d say it’s the same… 6a, but the extension rated 6a locally, and 6b in Rockfax is now more like a 6b+ without the column to stand on to get past the bulge.  There’s a thin pinch and the bulge pushes you off the rock.

After this, Solsticci, 6a.  Ric fights his way up it and the fog and the dusk come and bats start leaving their roosts, whizzing past my head.  He touches the ground in near darkness and only then we realise that the gear count is shy – he’d left a draw on the route at the split.  D-Oh!

4+, 5   6a, 6b+   6a


Posted 2011/09/22 by allend66 in Covallonga, Espantocels, La Mussara

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