2011-10-23 La Riba, Penya Roja   Leave a comment

Penya Roja, a great crag.  We start up at Les Plaques, the highest section.  I open Tomahauk, 6a which is nice but polished.  Hell, there’s so much polish here it’s testament to the greatness of the crag.  Tomahauk is just to the left of a bolted on plaque put up by the Centre Excursionista celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first climbs put up here in 1942!  Eoin sends it, and Ric struggles but gets up it.  Eoin & I move onto Memphis, 6a+, 6c+ though we only do the first pitch.  The crux is up top, very thin but some great pocket pulling to get there.

Tomahauk, 6a

Yesterday, Javi recommended to me Cal Fer-ho, 7a and I was full of beans to try it, but before this, Eoin jumps on the excellent 30 meter Directissima, 6a+.  As he gets 10 meters off the ground, the heavens open and we have a downpour that wets us through in no time flat.  We all scurry around trying to collect material and clothes to keep everything dry.  We are all soaked in minutes.  I take photos of Eoin, seemingly oblivious to the heavy shower, and he makes the intermediate lower-off.  “Keep going!“ I shout up to him and he sticks his arm out trying to feel for rain, but the route is really well protected.  Bone dry.  The rain stops as he lowers down, and Diego jumps on it.  He too lowers down leaving it mounted and Ric ties in to top-rope.  I belay him and the rains come again – stronger this time and everything is soaking wet.  Fortunately he tops out and cleans everything, but we pack up wet and dejected.  We hit the refuge for carajillos and beers.  Good job I had a change of dry clothes in the car boot…

6a   6a+   Photos


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