2011-11-13 Llaberia, L’Escletxa De Cal Carboner   1 comment

With sun beating down on and around the coast, we obviously go inland for some nice cold windy fog, mmmmmmmmm!

Deciding to give the compe a miss in Vila Seca, we head to Pratdip.  The dodgy descent to L’Escletxa De Cal Carboner would have been a ball breaker if it weren’t wet, muddy and slippy, so Maurici and I are starting well.  The left hand side (descending) – Portell Del Carreter is now banned though I’m not sure we could tick much of it anyway as it’s super hard, overhanging tufas and the like.

Bou hands me the reins for Les Bobos, 6a for the onsight as he already has it topped out.  Nice easy steady climbing this and long too at 33 meters.  I love long routes, the rhythm, the er, length… nice and absorbing.  The anchor up top is a bit of a disgrace, but getting there is fun.  After onsighting this, the wind picks up and blows all the fog and mist over to us.  With the wind, the chill factor and the long pause between climbs, it’s hard on the hands so I’m in no desire to tick 7s today.

Next climb is E.Z.L.N, 6a and it has a strange diagonal line to it.  I climb through the crap anchor at about 20 meters and find myself having to traverse back over to the original disgrace as the other anchor isn’t in sight and I’m at 35 meters of a 70mtr rope.  Bou has to toprope to clean it, such is the angle which means another 20 minutes fannying about with the reunion.

We stop for a bite to eat, but it’s getting windier and colder so we decide to recamp to Paret Dels Rapels in Pratdip.  Just time for the last two new routes at the far end of the wall before dark falls.

6a   6a   6a   6a+   Photos


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