2011-11-17 Barcelona, Pas De La Mala Dona   Leave a comment

Always nice to pull down on a new crag, and as we’d already ticked some routes at Penya Ginesta, being close to Barna Airport we chose Dona to take advantage of the light left in the short day.

Belaying on top of one of the train tunnel rooves, this nifty crag faces the ocean.  The rotes are a little polished but there’s some good stuff here.  After the gnarly descent from the parking, we cobbled together some rough and ready quickdraws, English trad style in its charpucería, but it was my own fault for leaving my draws in Bou’s car from L’Escletxa De Cal Carboner.

Dodgy Rack

We dispatch Bona Dona, 5+ to warm up then Boulevard Rosa, 6a.  A shame we were limited to routes of 8 bolts – we couldn’t get on any of the starred routes.  La Reina De Burdel, 6a+ The Queen Of The Brothel – now there’s a name to conjure with.  Finished the day with Voy Como Una Moto, 6a+.

5+   6a   6a+   6a+   Photos


Posted 2011/11/23 by allend66 in Barcelona, Pas De La Mala Dona

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