2012-01-08 Mont Ral, L’Arrepenjada & Els Gegants   Leave a comment

Alvaro, Claudio, Siscu, Cristina.  Mont Ral and some really nice climbing here, we start at L’Arrepenjada, though with Siscu bou not having touched rock for 3 months, we’re back to warming up sub 6 style!  Pandilla, 5+ isn’t an easy 5+, it gives Siscu disco leg, and I redpoint.  Next climb is El Bloquieg Del Guaje, 6b which is hard for the grade.  Siscu hangs twice, Cristina doesn’t even try it, and I redpoint: Mont Ral 0 – Derek 2.  Then we get on the last line on the wall, a previous onsight Kin Kony, 6b

0-3 now, and we move around to Els Gegants to mop up a beautiful 6c+, Requiem Por Un Volvo.  I missed the onsight last time, but notch the score up to 0-4 today, what a quality route.  2 stars in Rockfax.  Should be 3.

Claudio wants to tweak the level a bit – fine by me, so we head round looking for a mid 7 to try.  He opens the brutish Isidru, 7b+.  30 meters of fight: a block start, a brutal block roof, a thin mid section, and all of it overhanging.  Score now 1-4.

Isidru, 7b+   Isidru, 7b+

For the last climb of the day, the three of us redpoint the superb qual-fest Ella Es Así, 6c.  Alvaro can tick this one off now!  End score: 1-5.  A great day.

5+   6b   6b   6c+   7b+   6c   Photos

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