2012-01-21 Montsant, Roca De Les Horas   Leave a comment

Montsant.  What are you going to do about a paradise like Montsant?  One, 2, 3, 4 & 5 finger pockets, round stones and slopers, it’s a conglomerate forearm pumper, but you’ve got to love it.  Such is the change in climbing style that we couldn’t even send a short 6a+ without hangdogging!  Jose Mitic, a vertical crack – not my favourite type of route showed Siscu & I who was boss.  After that we had to pay our dues on 5+, A Rajatanga to get into ‘Montsant mode’.

Then thankfully the old Muscle Memory kicked in.  Like an old Ninjutsu master, or a highly trained Navy SEAL, the sinews flexed away flawlessly in an economy of movement that flashed a really nice 6b+, Simbiosi, all 25 lovely metres of it.  Siscu hung a couple of times, but kudos for opening it, bou!

Montsant   Roca De Les Horas   La Baraka, 6c

Then we swapped with Jordi Primo & Gabby, doing the route they had just done, La Baraka, 6c – another showpiece in movement fluidity and ‘Montsant style’.  Another 25 metre flash and I’m just getting warmed up now, but it’s 4:30pm already and we have a 50 minute hike down to get to the cars.  We took the red and white striped path – longer but much easier.

Cingle De Sant Juan had been our objective today, but from the parking at the monastery of Sant Joan De Codolar, we (the royal we) erred in the hike up and after a hard 2 hours we arrived at Roca De Les Horas, next to Cingle Sant Joan.  Never again.  Next time park in Albarca.

6a+   5+   6b+   6c   Photos


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