2012-02-11 Siurana, Espero Primavera   Leave a comment

Two weeks without climbing (3 for Fly) and my tendonitis still feels a bit twingy, but a man has to climb.  Though it’s sunny, the cold and wind make today a bit of a battle.  We warm up on Primera Linea, 6a and then send the magnificent Pelandruska, 6b.  Even off form, this is a great enjoyable route.  Records Oblidats, 6b to finish this part of the wall – the top section in shade, so we move round to Remena Nena, 7a, and seeing someone on it, it’s STILL pending, we opt for Tan Se’n Fot, 6b.  Just kidding, I want to get my form back before I attempt an onsight of this classic route.  A lot of cold today, I couldn’t feel several fingers on the last climb, so we finish up and go home.  Tomorrow – The Underground!

6a   6b   6b   6b

Posted 2012/02/11 by allend66 in Espero Primavera, Siurana

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