2012-03-01 Arbolí, El Falcó   Leave a comment

Definitely one of the best days at work for a long time this.  El Falcó is not a sector for beginners – you have to warm up on 6b+, that said neither is it a high end sector which draws the world’s elite.  High 6s / low to mid 7s, long routes in afternoon sun.  Today another couple of 6c flash / onsight as I make my way through the list.  Fly and myself warm up on the first pitch of Borinot, 6b+ though that first climb of the day nearly always seems to be clumsy.

Pere Mata, 6c

With Siurana in the background in the photo above, Pere Mata, 6c a near onsight for Fly is nice and sustained.  Another great route.  Next to this, Melissa, 6c has a block start and is also nice and sustained.  Flash & onsight respectively.

We descend to the super route La Millor De… 6c to see if Fly can get his first 6c onsight, but after stopping for lunch the rhythm’s broken and he’ll get this milestone another day.

To finish the day we nail the odd and little climbed Qué Tendrá El Negro? 6b+ to the right hand side.  Not worth repeating.

6b+   6c    6c   6c   6b+   Photos


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