2012-03-03 Siurana, Siuranella Est/Centre   Leave a comment

Resisting the pull to debut my new Montsant guide, we head up to Siuranella, but it’s crowded.  We warm up on Gruyére, 6b a real delight.  With Cavall De Foc, 7a+ open, I sniff round it but we abandon it at the 3rd clip.  Moving round to Siuranella Est, we both nail the alpine style La Marca Del Sorru, 6b+ which felt exposed, as it is always windy on this corner. 

La Marca Del Sorru, 6b+

Looking over at El Pati, more talent’s in the house – evident from the photographer jumared up one of the static lines waiting for his subject.  The French have been doing the rounds lately but as it happens they’re Americans, Sasha here on Kale Barroka, 8b+:

Kale Barroka, 8b+

Our next climb is L’Angelet, 6c which I jinxed for myself.  Kudos to Fly for opening it, in my opinion much harder than the other 6c’s I have, onsighted or otherwise.  Here we head back up to Centre for 2 quick routes, El Mareao, 6a & La Romanof, 6b+ before folding.

6b   7a+  6b+   6c   6a   6b+   Photos


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