2012-03-10 Montsant, Roca De Les Hores   Leave a comment

The Gods weren’t with us today.  First the Good Ship Serena ran aground in the parking when Fly, realising we couldn’t drive down a narrow trail, reversed without looking astern.  It was touch and go, but fortunately she refloated easily enough, prompting me to dive into the con to stop a possible runaway.  Then Derek, in all his Derek-ness started down the wrong path forcing us to double back after 15minutes.  Then we got, er, diverted at the start of the first crag, El Camell.  Though frankly the directions in the guide were shitty.  Anyway, we arrived tired and hungry at Roca De Les Hores and flashed 4 * 25mtr routes.

Mai Al Mes, 6a+ was a tough warm-up, Montsant pumping you up really quickly.  Nice route though as was the next route Tot Al Mes, 6a+.  The style is really different to Siurana, our usual haunting ground, so much so that we decide to make Montsant a regular appearance in our climbing schedule.

Don Vito, 6b was long and sustained and we both top out ok.  Moving round to the right, the next route Esmolabec, 6b was nice too, a little dirty in the middle but with a nice overhang mini roof to get past.

It’s getting late so we shelve the other routes for next time.  A quick snack before the 25 minute walk down to the upper parking, and another 25 minute walk to the lower at Albarca.

Don Vito, 6b   Don Vito, 6b

6a+   6a+   6b   6b   Photos


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