2012-03-13 Siurana, Siuranella Est   Leave a comment

Viagraman, 7a & Ay Mamita! 7a were my projects for today but after warming up on Purgandus Populus, 6a in El Cargol, we moved over to El Pati to nail a 6b+ and two 7s to find a strong German presence – no room at the inn.  We moved on round to La Olla to a complete POS Mayling, 6b+ as ugly as water is wet.  Fly cleaned it and we next did Burden Chuchen, 6c an explosive blocky little mother.  Fly nails his first 6c flash!

Burden Chuchen, 6c

I wasn’t feeling satisfied with La Olla, so we moved back round to El Pati to see if the routes were free – they weren’t so we bail over to Siuranella Est, another superb sector.  Plenty of projects here too, and now I can finally try Pantxi’s new 6b that I couldn’t try before when Paco only brought 10 draws with him that day.

Pantxi El Cabrón ( Pantxi El Noble ) has put up a 35-metre gem of a route to the right of the original rungs, at the start of the steel lifeline.  I onsight this beauty and I say to FlyI won’t tell you anything, see what you think”, though I suspect that the big grin and look of sheer enjoyment on my face probably assured him it was a great route. La Discordia, 6b was slightly alpiney & tremendous fun.  To the right an even newer 6c, Atracción Fecal which I try.  Well named, I guess from the large white stain half way up, which I remember thinking “Oh, it’s well chalked…” but then realising it was bird shit, and stopping my hand going there in mid reach!  A thin fissure half way not giving any problems and a very nice onsight, and 2nd 6c flash for Fly.

La Discordia, 6b   Atraccion Fecal, 6c

6a   6b+   6c   6b   6c   Photos


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