2012-03-17 Arbolí, El Dard   Leave a comment

Fly, the bOU-WOOd™ engineer chose El Dard so my lovely projects pending at El Pati & Siuranella Est are on hold.  Got to return sooon.

The warm up section at the top left end gave us No Ens Atossiguis! 6a+ & Kaga Mánecs, 6b, all very easy enough.  Moving down the wall, the next easiest is 6c+ Foc Als Peus.  I don’t want to offend any readers – this translates as Fuego En Los Pies Fire In The Feet and was just that.  It was odd and a bit of a fighter & also zigzagged a bit, the upper crux putting you in such an odd position.  I hung on to a hold with the very tips of 2 fingers to get my first onsight at this grade.

Foc Als Peus, 6c+

Next up Misty Flowers, 7a and feeling good I set out on thin crimps.  Very fine climbing, equilibrium, balance and crimping being the order of the day.  I was going great guns, up to the mini roof problem, a bit thin, but I made it using a crappy thumb-forefinger pinch under the roof, though spent too long chalking up after this pass on the sloper roof and a foot slipped off and down I went.  Annoyed I continued but the desire was gone.  The long move to get to the chain had me beat as well but maybe if I was on for the onsight I’d have nailed it.  Well, I still have my projects for my 1st 7a onsight, and with bOU-WOOd™ this’ll be in my pocket soon, for sure.

Misty Flowers, 7a

6a+   6b   6c+   7a   Photos


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