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The story so far…

Stoked to be meeting new people, we were delighted to receive an invitation to a friend’s clam bake recently.  Thinking it might be a little soon in the relationship to get the slippers under the table, we pensively accepted with an “OK but can’t stay long, going climbing in Montsant tomorrow..”.  Thus, we went, did the social bit and left without imposing, leaving the bottle of Grininbac, and a hint that next time we might well eat everything.  So, to Montsant’s Cingles De Sant Joan.

Cingles De Sant Joan

As Fly suggested, Montsant should be on our climbing menu about once a month to keep on top of the change in climbing style.  Though not being on form, as it’s always a pleasure to be in the mountains, we did the 40 minute hike up to Cingles De Sant Joan.  Some new routes have gone up that are not in the guide, plus we didn’t have our shit together and mistakenly warm up on a 6c thinking it was 6a+.  Not usually a problem, but with my body having aches on top of aches, it cost me.

Per Art De Mágia, 6c was OK but pumped us up.  This setting the tone for the day now, we do 3 more 6a+, the last two being beautiful, and bail feeling tired.  To the right of Mágia is Racó De Món, nothing special, then further right the very recommended #38 & Hagi Pau.  A nice way to end, but today could have been so different if we had warmed up on 38 / Pau

Nº 38, 6a+

6c   6a+   6a+   6a+   Photos


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