2012-03-25 Arbolí, El Falcó   Leave a comment

Well, what a cosmic day at El Falcó today, sin duda, Arbolí’s finest sector.  Paco hasn’t been here for like, 6 years and as I’m a gentleman… he takes the reins and I clean everything.  I have a couple of projects pending (two more 6c+ onsights), but a bit of give and take, eh?

First Borinot, 6b+ (intermediate lower-off) and then he opens the stunning Haber Pedido Muerte, 6c+.  He misses the onsight this time but gets it on The Best Of… ( La Millor De… ) 6c, and two redpoints for me.

Here’s Derek getting ready for it:


The next route is Arri, Riccardo! 6c+ and Paco takes a few flights, I flash this, improvising my ascent from his beta (Sloper?  What sloper?!).

Lusiernaga De La Noshe, 6b+ is the last climb as we’re tired (still plenty of light left), but Paco bails and I mop it up.  With the long routes here we’re going for stamina training today as I need the pila.  Next visit should, should give me the other 6c+ onsight, and to dip my toe in the water of the 7a+.  A ver

6b+   6c+   6c   6c+   6b+   Photos


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