2012-03-30 La Riba, Penya Roja   Leave a comment

My mate Ernesto has gone home now, and I can safely say that I had A LOT of fun with our brief time together.  The dude is a top climber.  Sure, he tried to blag me saying he didn’t have much climbing experience, but a man knows.  Anyone who pulls off an Egyptian with such élan, then clips back handed with ease on a 6c clearly has talent.  I nice touch too I thought, when he almost got to the chains on one climb only to ‘fall’ at the last couple of moves.  Repeatedly.  He’ll be coming back sometime in April, and it would be beautiful to see and climb again…

Mau & Xell!  Too long skiing in the Pyrenees, it’s time to stop red-running and start redpointing.  Though it seems from the Whatsap™ I got at lunchtime it’s now a case of too many Red Stripes… <sigh>

Tomahauck, 6a + Illusion, 6a

Penya Roja is new for Fly, but we’re both tired from a week’s graft and don’t feel in the mood.  To warm up I combo two routes together, Tomahawk, 6a & Illusion, 6a making a sweet 35mtr journey.  It’s now too hot to climb in direct sunlight (Ernesto, you reading this?!).  Hot sweaty and tired, I set out on another 2 pitch combo.  Directa Reus, 6b+, 6b+ is 30mtrs and a real beauty, but it’s certainly a stiff 6b+.  On any other day – bam!  Onsight.  Fly hung at the last draw too.

Directa Reus, 6b+, 6b+

Here, we can see Fly’s prowess with a camera:

Directa Reus, 6b+, 6b+

We snack at the foot of the crag the go for a dip in the river, then a brewski.  Siurana tomorrow, hurrah!

6a   6a  6b+   6b+


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