2012-04-09 Arbolí, El Falcó   Leave a comment

Ecstasy!  Falcó continues to enchant us, and today another super day climbing to a T.  I run up Borinot, both pitches, 6b+, 7a and clean it.  My pending project was onsighted – a really nice 6c+, Trenca’m Els Pinyos.  The second pitch of 7a and 3rd 7a+ are to do but not today, maybe Fly can put his pilas and we’ll nail it?  Derek and Fly here relaxing just after the crux:

2012-04-09 07 El Falco   2012-04-09 14 El Falco

Only one more route today, another 40mtr epic Per Tutatis, 7a+ (they say 6c+ up to the intermediate lower-off, 7a+ above but it’s thin from the first move off the ground, and the 1st bolt is high).  Right after the lower-off is the crux and I couldn’t see how to do it.  Dani egyptianed it and now I see it could be doable, the drop knee converting the crap RH undercut into a good hold while gaining height.  Might try it again.

Today’s the last day climbing with Jordi, Monica, Dani, Rosa, & the kids, they go back to Girona, with the threat of showing us around Sadernas, their local school.  Looking forward to it…

2012-04-09 35 El Falco

7a   6c+   7a+   Photos

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