2012-04-17 Siurana, Can Parásit   Leave a comment

Jason finally made it over from Germany and we tick some super easy stuff in Parásit.  He opens Rasputín, 6a & Ateva, 6a+ without problem and we meet up with the English gang Graham, Justin & Peir on the lower routes.  I’m simply jinxed on Ma Mola Molt, 6c+ now.  I started badly, I back climbed, somehow got my sunglasses fumbled half way up, half hanging off my face, I got bitten by an ant on my right thigh, and got pumped on the last few moves.  Jason tops it and I recommend it to Justin & Graham who nicely onsight & flash.

Ma Mola Molt, 6c+

I should have redpointed the nice 7a, Libertarias but my vibe was somewhere else today.  I’ll look to the heavens for guidance…

Last climb was a clean send of Ultramemia, 6c.  My newly soled Evolvs performing great thanks to Pep.

My Evolvs

6a   6a+   6c+   7a   6c   Photos

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