2012-04-24 Vilanova De Prades – continued…   1 comment

Sectors Pitufos, La Ruta Del Cister & El Pi.

Jason & Nicole help with today’s first successful field tests of bOU-SCOPe™.  Before getting technical though, I jump on Parawoll Damm, 6c which was nice with a powerful move to get over a bulge. A Pio Pio Pam Pam, 6c+ after but felt like 7a.  Felipe Gonzalez, 6c+ was also thin on the top section, all climbs seemingly hard for the grade.  Acid Folcloric, 6a to finish.

Parawoll Damm, 6c   A Pio Pio Pam Pam, 6c+   Acid Folcloric, 6a   Acid Folcloric, 6a

And so onto testing bOU-SCOPe™…  We did some easy routes just to get a feel of the device, the weight, the head angle and so forth.  Jason takes some photos of me belaying Nicole, and they are very comfortable.  I’ve used something similar a few times before, glasses with a triangle shaped prism, but with those I had to take off my own prescription glasses – not ideal.  With bOU-SCOPe™ you keep on your own glasses and simply fit them on top – brilliant!

2012-04-24 033 Pitufos   2012-04-24 093 El Pi   More details on the Products > bOU-SCOPe page…

6c   6c   6c+   6c+   6a   Photos


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  1. El nombre està muy acertado
    Ahora ha registrar-lo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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