2012-04-25 Siurana, Can Piqui Pugui   1 comment

Bulgarian climbers Kasha, Silvia, Emilio, Roman & Svetu are today’s partners in crimp at Piqui Pugui – a super sector of medium hard and very hard climbs.  I was going to warm up on a 6c+ but Silvia recommends Saiko Dase, 6b+ Yuji’s alpine style route from the late 80’s.  Very nice, and a little polished, but that doesn’t spoil it.

Onto the 7a, Tapbioles i Pirretes next to it that Emilio has opened.  With one hard block move to get over the roof, the rest is jugs and long reaches.  I hang working out the sequence – two pockets, there’s a left drop-knee to the upper hold (which is better than the shallower but bigger bottom hold) for the left hand.  Heel hook to clip and away.  I retry it but couldn’t send though I should have.

Later I try the 6c+, Toca-Me-La Sam which we all agree is 7a.  The others are on a 7b and 8a and maybe something harder.

project, 8b?

6b+   7a   7a   6c+   Photos


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  1. Ahora a por Anabolica

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