2012-05-01 Siurana, Can Marges Adalt   Leave a comment

We warm up in Can Parásit, with Cara Estaca, 7a (2 rests to learn the route, redpointable) and then Agulletas A Les Tetas, 7a that has a filthy block start couple of moves then it’s 6b to the anchor.  Going up to Marges Adalt now to try Mal Carat, 7c.

Agulletas A Les Tetas, 7a

Panxi draws it on the descent from El Tiempo, 6c and he gives me 1st crack.  It’s only 2 years old though you can see where the feet have been.  There’s some thin (and sharp) crimps but I can’t make the long move half way up the line.  I bail to see how the others will do it.  Panxi, Oscar & Rustu all come off it at various points, but it looks like I need to get both feet to my left to push up.  After this there’s a great cross over move to make an undercut with the left hand as you traverse back over to the edge of El Tiempo Se Ha Reido De Los Que No Han Venido, 6c.  No one redpoints though Panxi should have it next time.  I’ve got no skin on my fingertips so don’t climb another after my second attempt.  A rest day tomorrow and then back full on.

Mal Carat, 7c   Mal Carat, 7c   Mal Carat, 7c

7a   7a   7c   7c   Photos


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