2012-05-06 Arbolí, Can Mansa   Leave a comment

I wouldn’t have climbed at Mansa if it weren’t for the Tarraco Chicken Climbers, and with the limited appeal the crag has, I don’t think I’ll climb there again.  I send Moltes Grasses, 6b then onto Patchanka, 7a but it has a thin section in the middle.  To be able to look at it (and put the draws up) I do Cabras Rocosas, 6a+ next to it and on the second try get past the thin middle of Patchanka, 7a only to be beaten by the upper crux.  The redpoint isn’t worth fighting for.  Cuéncame Un Cuenco, 6b and then I’m on cleaning detail for Cabras Rocosas, 6a+.  A fun day.

2012-05-06 3 Can Mansa   2012-05-06 2 Can Mansa   2012-05-06 5 Can Mansa

6b   7a   6a+   7a   6b   6a+

Posted 2012/05/06 by allend66 in Arboli, Can Mansa

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