2012-05-09 Siurana, L’Aparador   Leave a comment

Looks like we’re being pestered to climb again with Claude after his faux pas of turning his back on THE best climb in Siurana (still waiting for an explanation for that one, *sigh*…)

L’Aparador, and lovely shade.  We warm up on Sorry Not Clean, 6b then onto Xerinola, 7b+.  Couple of thin balancey moves on this brute, but it’s doable with a bit of working.  Sofie opens half of Petitona, 7b which I finish up, but for my money was more difficult than Xeri, 7b+

Xerinola, 7b+   Petitona, 7b   Rauxa, 7a+

By now though the sun has arrived in full force and it’s dripping off me, making the climbing more difficult.  Moving down the wall to the right chasing the shade, I opt for Graham’s recommendation of Rauxa, 7a+ and almost onsight it.  What a beauty!  Polished and long and overhanging, there’s some great moves on this but watch out clipping the last bolt!  We all miss the send, but tomorrow is another day…

6b   7b+   7b   7a+   Photos


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