2012-05-26 Margalef, Culample4   Leave a comment

Heat.  Flies.  And the dirt on the floor that’s as fine as icing sugar that just gets everywhere.  After today, I’ll shelve Margalef till the autumn, and it would have been nice to end with a send, my 7a+ that’s ready to be ticked, but I didn’t send anything today.  It was Yohann’s fault of course, he wanted to flash a couple of routes in Chorreras while waiting for the last 30 minutes of direct sunlight to disappear, so we do Lolo Cat, 6b and Peus de Plom, 6c.  So instead of getting on Escaquietor, 7a+ fresh, I’m already a little tired and get past the crux, clip the next taking too much time and energy to do it, then fall trying for a 2finger pocket after the mono.

I try Whisky Compadre, 7b+ but don’t get too far on it – it’s noticeably harder than Bésame Mucho, 7b+.  I end the day with a pitiful attempt to send Bat Movil, 6c.

6b   6c   7a+   7b+   6c


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